Uppingham School - School House Stash

Uppingham School House Stash

In October, one of the students at School House (one of the boarding houses at Uppingham School), approached us at Stash Company to help them to design their school fleeces. With problems relating to ownership of the house crest, we helped the house to design and a create a new bespoke logo, specially for their house - utilising our Club Logo Generator for initial inspiration. We then spoke with George, who suggested that we could use a photo of their house and create an architectural line drawing of it, with circular text around the outside, to be more personalised and reflective of their House. The students were super happy with the final product; here is a bit more about the design process from an interview with head designer George !

Final Product:

Final Logo and Photo for Inspiration:

What were the stages of designing your fleece?

There was lots of interest in my house for a fleece and when I heard about the Stash Company and their superb products I knew they would be just right for the job! I asked around for inspiration and with the help of Yolanda she created lots of cool different ideas which we then finalised. There was lots of interest in the house and when they saw the design, there were over 50 orders which was great. I was sent out a sample fleece and the material was very warm, comfy and durable. Then, with the help of Yolanda we created a Custom House logo which we’re super impressed with and it is now our new House logo! The production of fleeces and the shipping was a lot quicker than I expected and they were here in no time. The Stash Company kept in touch with me the whole way through with their really informative tracking page to see exactly what was happening to my order! When they arrived people were super happy!

How did you find the process?

This was the first time I have ever done something like this and the process is very beginner friendly! I really liked how the Stash Company kept in touch with me every step of the way and were very quick to respond to any queries. The tracking tool was brilliant for keeping me informed of what was happening and when. The logo generator is also another brilliant tool and in my case the team designed me a completely custom logo which is absolutely great!

How did the final product compare to your expectation / other companies you have used before?

The final product was so exciting when it arrived! It exceeded my expectations and people were so happy when they arrived. Every time I walk around house or around school I see people wearing the fleece for sport or just to chill in. People love the quality and say that the pockets are super warm. I also think that the price is really reasonable for a custom fleece and free shipping is another bonus! Anyone who wants to design some custom kit needs to do it with Stash!

What problems did you face with using your houses crest?

In the early stages of designing the fleece we wanted to use the School logo but later found out from the school that we couldn’t use it. I spoke to Yolanda and she suggested that we created a custom logo which I thought was brilliant problem solving. I didn’t have a clue how to go about designing a crest but when I checked the website they had a Custom Logo Generator! It was epic and you type some key words or slogans into it and it produces amazing results! From there I wanted to make it even more customised, so I took a photo of our house and sent it to Yolanda. The team came back very quickly with a completely custom drawn logo which is just fabulous. The creativity was great and it fully resembles our house, giving the fleece a final finishing touch!

How could the design process be improved?

I can honestly say that there were no flaws in the process. There were so many nice touches such as sending over exact dimensions and my favourite touch was the Stash Company sending photos of how the colours would actually look on the fleece so I knew exactly how it would turn out!

Do you think other houses in your school would be interested in making designs with Stash?

Absolutely!!! Our custom Stash is by far the best, there is only one other house that has custom kit from Canterbury that doesn’t look nearly as good! We have had so many questions asking where we designed our fleeces and lots of interest from other houses for doing similar custom kit! I couldn’t recommend the Stash Company enough. I hope that other schools start to design kit with you as they definitely should!

Contact us today to get your own designs for your school houses or teams, super happy to help design logos to that you can use for the years to come !