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stash for  

We enable you to create custom clothing and accesories using your colours and logos.
From Quarter Zips to Ties, we’ve got you covered.

How to Get
Designs & Order

View 100's of Designs

Head over to our portfolio page and select your
favourite designs from 100's of examples as a template
for your own Stash.

View portfolio

Create a Stash Bundle

Select multiple designs and add them to your bundle.
Select your colours, text and logos.

We will apply your colours and logos to the selected designs in your bundle.

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Your Custom Stash Bundle

We will send you your own unique link with your customised designs that same day.

From here you can modify your designs until they are perfect.. Just drop a comment and let us know !

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Turn your idea in to reality

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✨ All New Feature

No More Spreadsheets
Create a Custom Webshop in Seconds.

Complete a Stash Bundle
Once you’re happy with your designs, open your Webshop
Start collecting orders - where customers can pay directly
Close Webshop - Automatically Submits Order to us.

Before Stash Co Webshop

Bank transfers with no references
Constantly Updating Spreadsheets
Messages asking a million questions

After Stash Co Webshop

All Orders in One Place
Link to share with members to make payment
Tick off people who have collected the items
Select date to close web-shop