Our Story

Behind the stash

A lil bit about Stash Co.

Everyone loves stash - me included. I felt like there was a gap in the market (clichΓ© right ?) for well designed, preppy (sometimes), highly customised kit for *off* the sports pitch.
In my 3rd Year at University (Reading - Real Estate) I approached buddies about making Stash for their societies that they were in charge of. They agreed and I took a few pre-orders. It went pretty well and people loved the product. Winning.
Anyway, years later - I am still making Stash for great people, awesome societies and people love the product !
The custom clothing business is a hard one, highly bespoke products, 5-7 week lead times and small order quantities bring their own unique challenges and we are constantly working to nail the Stash business...

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ me shippin orders from my parents house during covid. good times... and free food.

The Mission

It's simple. We help you design, manufacturer and deliver the best bespoke Stash for your society, club or organisation.
You see it isn't that easy to come up with a design which captures the essence of your organisation.

But through designing, manufacturing and delivering literally 1,000's of products, getting things wrong, but more often, getting things right, we know what will work for you and more importantly, how to bring that to life.
Simple. Right ?

State of Affairs

We wanna make it the easiest and quickest possible way to design Stash for universities, clubs and schools.

In 2022 we implemented a new portfolio page which enables you to view 100's of designs from other sports clubs and request them in your colours and your logo - its been great !

In 2023 we introduced our automated web-shop functionality which enables you to quickly and efficiently go from design to a storefront to send to your club members to purchase their own items directly in like 10 clicks.

In 2024... well, we want to bring lead times down, increase product range and continue to offer the greatest variety of customisation options the Stash market can offer.

Oh and keep working with literally the best customers a biz could hope for !

A message from Yolanda (Uni Ops)

That's all Folks

Thanks for checking out Stash Co.

Please do shoot us a Stash Bundle via the link below so we can whip up some designs for you to share with the club, team and friends !


Team Stash.