Personalized Stag Do Clothing

How to Create Custom Stag Do Clothing for a UK Stag Do. Stag Do Stash - Free Custom Logo.

You are the best man - in charge of creating an alcohol fueled weekend for you best buddy. 

You have a great idea to create stag custom shirts or custom stag polo shirts any clothing for the weekend,

The problem ? You haven’t the faintest idea about how to start designing a logo or merch or anything.

We can help.

To explain I will show you a case study of a message I got in 2024 from a friend in your exact situation.

Hilarious right ?

So head I headed over to our custom logo generator to turn this low quality logo into a great one.

The prompt - A mole holding a smoking stick wearing an arsenal top - cartoon character.

The result ?

So in 3 minutes we have a jokes logo that can be used on our stash.

Embrodiery Mock Up for Custom Stag Do Polo Shirt

Head over to our portfolio page and request a polo shirt in light blue and in no time at all you have a stag do polo shirt for the boys and you haven’t had to break a sweat !

These cost £20, delivered in 3 weeks.

Get in touch today and we can help you arrange your custom stag do stash.