Custom Young Farmers Stash

Custom Stash for YFC's - Young Farmers Clubs in the UK

Picture this: a match made in fashion heaven! Stash Co. and the Young Farmer Clubs join forces to bring you a lineup of bespoke, great quality garments that scream, "We mean business... but we also know how to have fun in the fields!”

We have created custom Stash for Young Farmers Club's all over the UK and so we totally get what you are after.

  • Sponsorship companies embroidered
  • Shorts, Q-Zips and Rugby Shirts
  • Hard wearing gear that can be worn on rally's, blackpook, the annual ski trip and more seriously we understand what Young Farmers are looking for with their custom stash.

But wait, there's more!

We're talking sponsorships, folks! Want your club's attire to rival a CLAAS vehicle? No problem! For just £3 per logo, we'll slap on as many sponsors as you want. Warning: excessive branding may lead to jealousy among neighbouring farmers..

Why choose Stash Co, you ask?

  • We give creativity the green light! Your designs, your colours and your logos.
  • Personalisation? We've got you covered from head to toe... literally!
  • Our design process is as straightforward as finding a needle in a haystack... well, almost.

Shoot us an enquiry and take inspiration from plenty of the other YFC clubs we have designs for on our portfolio page.