Sustainability isn't just about the environment.

Sustainability is broader than that and we aim to build sustainability into everything we do. 

From the manufacturing process to the delivery options and packaging. However we don't want to be token - planting trees for each sale isn't the way to achieve a sustainable brand.

By breaking down every step in our supply chain and partnering with manufacturers that share our goals and aims of building a truly sustainable brand

Recyclable Packing

Each individual packaging is recyclable + the cardboard box is also recyclable.

To be clear - recyclable plastic is not the best solution - do not be mistaken.

Having truly reusable bags + packaging is the best solution.

We are developing a solution for this which we are hoping to have completed by Sep. 2021.

Sourcing Materials

Partnering with companies and suppliers who are committed to provide materials

which provide not only the best quality materials, but also materials which

do not come at the cost of our environment.

Last Mile Delivery

Delivering 100 items in 2 boxes instead of 100 items individually, dramatically

decreased the environmental impact of a clothing order.

So where possible we deliver in bulk.

Saving you money, and the environment in one go.

Manufacturing to Order

By manufacturing to order we are able to not create surplus product.

This means we only make/ consume as much as we need, no more.

Repair, Repair, Repair

We repair stash when it breaks, because sometimes these things happen.

Sometimes it has been 12 months later, sometimes days later.

Yes it may be a more expensive solution, but is that the point ?

What we are working on - right now.

- Creating truly re-usable packaging. This includes resealable crates which are returned to us on delivery to the customer and our re-usable zip lock bags are put in them and we reuse them for another order. This will mean 0 packaging is needed on orders. What we save on re using packaging we spend on getting the packaging back to us.

- Manufacturer to Stash Co. - This is a process overlooked ALL THE TIME by brands - yes they have lovely sustainable packaging on the front end from brand to customer - but how are the items delivered to the brand from the manufacturer ? We are wanting to again use reusable crates which can be sent out time and time again. Protecting your stash and protecting the environment just that little bit more. Currently using our Zip-Lock Bags + Cardboard Crates.

- Wastage - We sometimes get errors, surplus items and unwanted items. These ALL go to use, we are working on arranging charity partners to make sure unwanted - needed stash goes to people who could benefit from them.

We are always improving, one incremental improvement at a time. We are becoming a truly sustainable business. 

Not just for Instagram.

Think we could do better ? Shoot us an email ! Love to hear from you.