Bespoke Stash for Boarding Houses

We created an entire range of stash for houses across Oundle School.

The Vision

Oundle wanted to create a range of products that were both unique to the house, but also tied together nicely under the image of the school.

We came up with an original draft of 5 products per house,

  • Q-Zip
  • Joggers
  • Hoodie
  • Rugby Shirt
  • T Shirt

These looked like this;

Oundle School Draft


Each house had their own idea of what they liked and didn't like.. so some houses removed products - moved logo locations and made it unique to them - but coming all from the same starting point meant that - there was some unison across houses !


Using their house colours and logos across products:



After some back and forth we finalised designs across all houses and took orders. 

 We can help your school to create high quality stash that students will love enjoy - and for the older pupils (who aren't growing !) something they can wear and enjoy for many years after school.



If you would like us to come up with a free proposal for stash designs across the school personalised for each house - send us an email at and we will get back to you with first draft designs to get the ball rolling.